Leadership and the One Minute Manager

Leadership and the One Minute Manager is another book I read after moving into my first management role. It was written by Ken Blanchard, Drea Zigarmi, Patricia Zigarmi, and was first published in 1999.

This book follows on from The One Minute Manager, and builds on number of concepts to explore the idea of what a good leader is. Below are some extracts and diagrams I found useful.

The Four Basic Leadership Styles
Remember - there is no one best leadership style!

Style 1: Directing
The leader provides specific instructions and closely supervises task accomplishment.

Style 2: Coaching
The leader continue to direct and closely supervise task accomplishment, but also explains decisions, solicits suggestions, and supports progress.

Style 3: Supporting
The leader facilitates and supports subordinates’ efforts toward task accomplishment and shares responsibility for decision-marking with them.

Style 4: Delegating
The leader turns over responsibility for decision-making and problem-solving to subordinates.

Leadership style is how you behave when you are trying to influence the performance of someone else. Leadership style is a combination of directive and supportive behaviour.

Directive Behaviour involves;

Supportive Behaviour involves;

When The Best Leader’s Work Is Done
The People Say
“We Did It Ourselves!“

Don’t Work Harder -
Work Smarter

Different Strokes For
Different Folks

There is Nothing So Unequal
As the Equal Treatment of Unequals

When I Slow Down
I Go Faster

Everyone Has Peak Performance Potential
You Just Need To Know Where They Are Coming From
And Meet Them There

You Can Expect More
If You Inspect More

Situational Leadership Is Not
Something You Do To People But
Something You Do With People

Everyone Is A Potential High Performer
Some People Just Need
A Little Help Along The Way