I enjoy public speaking and try to do it as often as I can. This page collates all the talks I have given. All my slides are available on Speakerdeck.

Do Repeat Yourself: How to move from Development into Leadership

As a developer moving into a leadership role for the first time it can be can be tough, confusing, and at times overwhelming. This was certainly the case for me. I discovered that the principles I had once followed when building software were no longer effective as a leader. However, after a few years I can confidently say that becoming a leader is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done. In this talk you will learn some of the ways to adapt your developer skillset to that of a tech lead, and I will share my observations in making these adjustments myself. We’ll look at how the problems you need to solve are suddenly very unfamiliar, with incentives that are often the reverse to what you’ve been used to. If you’ve had similar experiences or are considering a move into leadership yourself, this talk is for you. You will leave with an number of effective strategies for becoming a tech lead, while remaining kind to yourself and others.

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Choosing your Mobile Strategy for 2023

In this talk we’ll look at the different ways a business can approach building mobile applications in 2023. We’ll start by outlining what modern mobile apps are capable of, and what problems they can solve for customers. We’ll then look at the available tools and discuss which are the most applicable in different business situations. We’ll finish with a case study of a business deciding to move from one technology platform to another in order to deliver a higher quality mobile experience for its customers. We’ll share what problems were encountered along with some solutions and advice for undertaking mobile application re-platforms in the future.

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A Career in Software Engineering - STEM Ambassador Talk

A talk about my career as a software engineer, what my day job looks like building iOS apps, and how you can get involved in building software yourself.

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Debugging with Git

Lightning talk on how to use Git Bisect to debug your code. Presented at

The Peak Framework

The Peak Framework is a collection of open source, 100% Swift microframeworks providing a standardised approach to building iOS apps. This talk will cover the how and why the mobile team at 3Squared created the Peak Framework, their progress in updating legacy projects to use more and more Swift, and a demo of how the frameworks can be used in building a simple app talking to a web api.

Presented with Sam Oakley at

Get Good with Git

Using Version Control to Deliver Quality Software.

A look into how 3Squared use version control to enable collaboration, ensure code quality, fix bugs, and ultimately release software.

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A Swift Journey

The story (so far) of how the mobile team at 3Squared moved to 100% Swift development for all new iOS projects. Topics covered include:

Presented at NSManchester February 2017

Error Handling In Swift 2.0

A look at how methods can fail, models for handling errors and how Swift 2.0 has a different approach.

Presented at SheffieldSwift July 2015