Swift Summit 2015

291 days after the launch of the Swift programming language, Swift Summit was held in London, March 21st 22nd. What an amazing 2 days it was. I met some amazing people, learnt some incredibly interesting and thought provoking things, and came away highly inspired and enthusiastic about the future of iOS development.

Many thanks to Beren Rumble (@devberen) , Ida Kristiansson (@NomadicIda) and Morgan Evetts (@morqon) for organising and hosting such an amazing event. 👏

Swift Summit website link, twitter link.

Here are the notes I took. They should not be considered definitive or 100% accurate to the content presented, they are more just a reminder of some cool and interesting things that were said. Where possible I have tried to find links to the slides or presentation material.

Functional View Controllers

By Chris Eidhof, @ChrisEidhof

let flow = navigationController(loginViewController()) >>> orgsScreen >>> reposScreen >>> issuesScreen

GitHub repo: chriseidhof/github-issues

Shortly after Swift Summit Chris shipped Scenery; a Mac app written entirely in Swift. He wrote his thoughts on using Swift in production here.

Share Your Code, Swift API Design: Getting Results

By Brian Gesiak, @modocache


Gift (repo) for interacting with the GitHub API in Swift, which uses the railway concept

Brian’s retrospective blog post on Swift Summit.

Closures In API Design

By Hermés Piqué, @hpique


Back To The Futures

By Javier Soto, @Javi


Playground demo link.

The Monad Among Us

By Al Skipp, @ChromophoreApp

GitHub repo

Static Types and Zero-Cost Abstractions

By Airspeed Velocity, @AirSpeedSwift

How Swift is Swift?

By Joseph Lord, @jl_hfl


What Haskell Taught Me About Writing Swift

By Abizer Nasir, @abizern


Recommended books:

Swift Scripting

By Ayaka Nonaka, @ayanonagon

Slides, Git Repo

JSON, Swift and Type Safety: It’s a wrap

By Anthony Levings, @SketchyTech


Wonderful use of a drama-school-esque prop. Good work!

Death By Indecision

By Alexsander Akers, @a2


If you have a OSS Swift app contact Beren Rumble (@devberen) and he can help promote and share it.

Extracurricular Swift

By Sally Shepard & Mark Martin, @mostgood & @urban_teacher



(Functional) Programming For Everyone

By Daniel Steinberg, @dimsumthinking

GitHub repo: Swift playground using Logo-like commands to teach kids programming.

Day 1 Panel Discussion

Panel: Brian Gesiak, Ayaka Nonaka, Chirs Eidhof & Airspeed Velocity

The big question: Is Swift ready for production?

Fantastic answer from Ayaka: Do you think Objective-C is ready for production?

let swift: Race?

By Jack Nutting, @jacknutting


Swift, Meet Objective-C

By Daniel Tomlinson, @dantoml


Swift Funtime

By Boris Bügling, @NeoNacho

Slides & Github Repo

Testing In Swift

By Jan Riehn, @jriehn

Slides & GitHub Repo

Debugging In Swift

By Carola Nitz, @_Caro_N


Swifty Methods

By Radek Pietruszewski, @radexp

Slides & related blogpost

Crypto Swift

By Marcin Krzyżanowski, @krzyzanowskim

GitHub Repo

Swift & Metal

By Simon Gladman, @FlexMonkey

Slides & related blogpost

Taylor Swift HTTP Framework

By Jorge Izquierdo, @izqui9

GitHub repo

View From The Otherside

By Gem Barrett, @gembarrett


By Kyle Fuller, @kylefuller

Slides Representor - Hypermedia resource framework in Swift

Representor: Swift library for building and consuming Hypermedia messages

A collection of REST (HATEOAS) APIs:

Day 2 Panel Discussion & Closing Remarks