UIKonf 2020

Held remotely using Hopin. A mixture of Youtube live streaming, screen sharing, Zoom and in-browser video calling.

Videos here: UIKonf - YouTube

Who can say they have learned Swift?

Paul & Sophie Hudson

Building a mobile-based startup business

Dal Rupnik

Building a mobile-first startup business - Speaker Deck

Prepping For a SwiftUI Future

Veronica Ray

Prepping For A SwiftUI Future - Speaker Deck

The Multi-Threaded Asynchronous Parallel World of Swift

Leo Dion

GitHub - leogdion/AsyncWorld

Rich Text, Core Text

Rob Napier


Cross-platform Collaboration Patterns

Miriam Busch

Cross-Platform Collaboration Patterns - Speaker Deck

Building a Programming Language in Swift

Chris Eidhof

Swift Scripts: Zero to Hero

Federico Zanetello

Swift Scripts: Zero to Hero 🦸🏼‍♀️ - Speaker Deck talks/2020 Swift Scripts Zero to Hero at 52f0e697994c0528388b97da99f66f1440ef2e09 · zntfdr/talks · GitHub

Talk: Data Trusts: What, Why, How?

Anouk Ruhaak

Open Letter - Anouk Ruhaak - Medium

We need to talk about Websockets

Kristaps Grinbergs

State Driven Development - The Beauty of Enums in Swift

Conrad Stoll

State Driven Development - The Beauty of Enums in Swift - Speaker Deck