iOSCon 2017

iOSCon2017 was held at CodeNode on 30 and 31st March 2017.

Below are the notes I took. These should not be considered definitive or 100% accurate to the content presented - they are more a reminder of things I found interesting and useful. Where possible I have tried to find links to the slides or presentation material.


Saul Mora - SkillsCast- Slides

The Grant Tour of iOS Architectures

Dan Cutting - SkillsCast - Slides - Blog Post - Example Code

Architecting Alive Apps

Jorge Ortiz Fuentes - SkillsCast - Slides

Generics and extensions in Swift

Paweł Brągoszewski - SkillsCast

Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming

Eliasz Sawicki - SkillsCast - Slides

The art of building UI reuse components

Kevin Muessig - SkillsCast - Slides

TDD in Xcode Playgrounds

Paul Ardeleanu - SkillsCast - Slides - Blog Post

Natural Swift

Paul Hudson

Five Principles of Functional Programming

  1. Functions are first-class data types
  2. They can be used as parameters to other functions
  3. Same inputs, same outputs; no side effects
  4. Prefer immutable data types
  5. Reduce how much state we track

Bringing Swift enums to Objective-C with macros

Brandon Kase - SkillsCast - Slides - Sample Code

It’s about time

Daniel Steinberg - SkillsCast

Composable Caching in Swift

Brandon Kase - SkillsCast - Slides

Dependency Injection in Practice

Yoichi Tagaya - SkillsCast - Slides

Sample Code: Simple DI Container , Swinject Example, Cake Pattern

Do-It-Yourself Functional Reactive Programming

Manuel M T Chakravarty - SkillsCast - Slides